Common questions regarding the academic transition for Pope Francis Preparatory School

Below are a list of the Frequently Asked Questions we shared at the Academic Information Night in the spring. If you have additional questions about academic requirements for Pope Francis Preparatory School, please contact us.

How will GPA and Class Rank be calculated for the Class of 2017?

  1. These students will have completed 3 years at their legacy school. In providing transcripts to colleges, we will provide a CHS or HCHS transcript showing their rank at the end of their Junior year, out of the number of students in their class at the legacy school.
  2. At each quarter’s end in 2016-17, we will calculate the GPAs and Class ranks for these seniors, based on the weights and quality points that they would have received if the merger had not occurred, and these will be reported to colleges in the same manner that guidance currently does it at each school.
  3. At the end of the 2016-17 year, a Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be determined from each of the legacy schools based on the rank calculations above. The top 10 students from each school will be recognized at Class Night. Graduating with Honors will also be determined based on the same calculations and legacy school parameters.

How will GPA and Class Rank be calculated for all other classes?

  1. All students’ GPAs will be recalculated based on the scores they received in all of the classes they have taken, and new class ranks will be generated based on the results. This way all students will be evaluated on the same scale.
  2. Effective Class of 2018 and beyond there will be only 1 Valedictorian and 1 Salutatorian.

Will grades be issued using letters or numbers?

  1. Numbers will be printed on report cards and transcripts and will be used for determination of quality points.

How will quarters, midterm exams and final exams be weighted?

  1. Full Year Courses: 20%/quarter, 10%/midterm exam, 10%/final exam
  2. Semester Courses: 40%/quarter, 20%/final exam

Are there any new classes that will be required?

  1. A semester of Health will now be required to be taken by all students. Students in the classes of 2017 and 2018 will be exempt from this requirement.
  2. Computer Applications, a semester course, will be a required course for Freshmen. Transfer students and current CHS students are exempt.

Are there prerequisites for moving on in a course of study?

In order to maintain academic rigor and excellence, there are prerequisites for certain classes.  These prerequisites will be strictly adhered to.  Students are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the prerequisites for classes they may be interested in taking.

What are the GPA levels for Honor Roll status, National Honor Society, Mass Mutual Scholars etc..?

  • 1st Honors – 4.0 and above
  • 2nd Honors – 3.50-3.99
  • Honorable Mention – 3.0-3.49
  • Mass Mutual Scholars – 3.0 and above for 4 consecutive quarters, no failing grades
  • Graduation w/honors – 3.5 and above
  • National Honor Society – 3.60 and above

What are the weights toward GPA for different level courses?

The following weighting/quality point scale will be used:

  • College Prep – no added weight (Quality Points : 60 = 0.7 to 100 = 4.7)
  • Honors (+0.5)
  • AP (+1.0)
  • International Baccalaureate Standard Level (+0.5)
  • International Baccalaureate Honors Level (+1.0)

What are the graduation credit requirements for PFPS?

The long term graduation requirement will be 26 credits, beginning with the class of 2019. All CHS students will need 26 credits to graduate. A graduated scale will be applied to the HCHS legacy students as follows:

  1. Class of 2017: (current Juniors should be at 18.5 credits) 25 credits to graduate (1 extra semester course next year)
  2. Class of 2018: (current Sophomores should be at 12.5 credits) 25.5 credits to graduate
  3. Class of 2019 (and beyond): (current Freshmen should be at 6.5 credits) 26 credits to graduate

Will the Seniors at PFPS be participating in a Senior Internship?

Yes, all Seniors, including The PFPS class of 2017, will participate in Senior Internship.  The successful completion of the Senior Internship will be a graduation requirement.