Where is Pope Francis High School located for the 2017/2018 School year?

For the 2017/2018 academic years, PFHS will be located in Chicopee. The address is 134 Springfield St. Chicopee, MA 01013

Where is the permanent Pope Francis High School going to be built?

The permanent PFHS will be constructed on the site at the corner of Wendover Road and Surrey Road in Springfield.

When will the new building be ready?

The new PFHS building is projected to open in July/August of 2018 at the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year.

What type of facilities are being planned for PFHS?

The current plan includes a chapel, the necessary academic classrooms, support areas, kitchen and cafeteria, faculty areas, staff office spaces, media/resource rooms, specialized classrooms for science, the arts, and engineering, an auditorium, gymnasium, and locker areas. The plan also includes athletic facilities including a multipurpose field (football, soccer, etc.) with press box and seating, a baseball and a softball field, 5 tennis courts and a practice field.

What will the size of the new building be?

The current plan is for a building around 120,000 square feet to accommodate around 500-700 students.

Who is designing the new PFHS?

CBT Architects of Boston is the architectural firm engaged in the design of PFHS.

How is the construction of PFHS being paid for?

The majority of the costs are being paid from FEMA funds and insurance proceeds related to the tornado of 2011.

How many students can the temporary PFHS accommodate?

The temporary site can accommodate around 375. The building itself could hold a bit more but the supporting facilities (parking/cafeteria) limit the effective size of the school.

What will the tuition be for the 2017/2018 academic year?

While the  actual cost to educate each student is around $12,000, the cost of tuition is $9,500. The Diocese of Springfield provides $750,000 in annual support to the school, so each child is essentially receiving a scholarship to attend Pope Francis. Additionally, since financial aid is based on tuition, packaging the majority of associated fees into the tuition makes families eligible for higher financial aid than at the two legacy schools. Students may also receive a number of discounts to attend Pope Francis High School: a parish subsidy for families in good standing with their church, a discount for pre-paid tuition, and a discount for siblings who attend the school

Will there be tuition assistance available for PFHS?

Yes, tuition assistance for families demonstrating financial need will continue to be available through a number of programs offered through the Diocese, endowed scholarships and other sources. You can visit www.popefrancishigh.org and go to the Tuition and Financial Assistance page under Admissions for more information.

How will the merging of schools affect my child’s college search?

Recognizing that the college application and admissions process looks to the School Profile for important information regarding curriculum, standards accreditation, overall achievement scores, etc., a new School Profile is being developed to assure colleges that even though PFHS is a new name, the School Profile is based on the academic excellence and history of both legacy schools. Our college guidance counselors will be well-trained in providing the appropriate information to colleges and support services to our students.

I graduated from one of the legacy schools…what happens now?

PFHS is committed to preserving and building upon the legacy and traditions of two great schools. Both are rich in academic and athletic tradition, alumni success, important impact on the Church and community, and so much more. Planning is occurring to honor the stories of both schools through the development of “Heritage Hall “in the new PFHS. We will also work to tell the story of our legacy schools to new students and for generations to come. We will also maintain legacy school information within the PFHS
website. We are also committed to continuing Alumni events that will honor both legacy schools individually and together.

For further questions please contact us using the form on our website or call us (413) 331-2480.