Legacy school class reunions are planned by the members of each reunion class with assistance from the Office of Advancement at Pope Francis High School. If you would like more information or would like to plan your reunion, contact Anne Pellan-Shea, Director of Alumni Relations, at (413) 331-2480, ext. 1136 or apellan-shea@popefrancishigh.org. Share photos from your reunion by emailing Jennifer Lopez, Director of Marketing & Communications, at jlopez@popefrancishigh.org.

Planning your Reunion: Step-by-Step Help and Tips

Alumni/Advancement Office Services

  • One mailing: this includes in-house supplies, printing, labels at the discretion of the Alumni /Advancement Office. We can also offer basic assistance with design and messaging. The class reunion committee will be responsible for labeling, stuffing mailings and postage.
  • With a three week notice prior to the class reunion committee’s second meeting, class lists will be updated and labels for mailing will be created. One committee member will be the direct contact with the Alumni /Advancement Office.
  • Publicity and contact information on the Pope Francis High School website and a reminder of reunion events on Pope Francis High School publications throughout the year.
  • Class reunion committee meetings can be held at Pope Francis High School with the assistance of the Alumni / Advancement Office and the availability of meeting rooms at the high school.
  • Photos from archives, annuals, and clippings from class files can be borrowed to make nametags, pamphlets, or a class collage. The committee will need to be responsible for setting up a time to gather this information and return it in good condition to Pope Francis High School Alumni/Advancement Office.
  • The Alumni /Advancement staff will work with the committee to secure any appearances by the Head of School or any other staff member.
  • The Alumni/Advancement Office will not staff your Reunion events, but will give tours of the school on a mutually agreed upon date.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Form committee; choose committee chair
  • Update class mailing list. Calling and/or e-mailing classmates to verify addresses using directories, internet searches, and classmates to find missing addresses of classmates. Return updated list to the Alumni Office
  • Handling Event Details – Reserving the facility, caterer, photographer band, and/or DJ. Choosing decorations, arranging deliveries, and forming a set-up committee. Staffing events including finding volunteers to serve as event set-up and take down, greeters, money collectors, photographers, etc.
  • Handling Class Funds – Setting up an account with a local bank or designate a treasurer and collecting and depositing checks.
  • Communicating with Classmates – Create a class e-mail list for regular updates. Organize a phone effort to encourage attendance and update addresses.   

Other Suggestions

  • Make a class contribution to Pope Francis High School!!
  • Bind a biographical survey into a booklet and give out at the reunion
  • Create a class directory
  • Display class photos, memorabilia, or old uniforms
  • Vote on “most changed,” “greatest distance traveled,” “most number of kids,” etc.
  • Create nametags with class photo and have spouse wear the photo as well
  • Contact local newspapers and radio stations and have them announce the reunion
  • Invite former teachers, coaches, even non-graduates who were in your class
  • Video activities to watch at a later reunion or send to those who cannot attend
  • Hire a professional photographer to take a class picture
  • Utilize the Pope Francis High School website to get information out about reunions and post pictures from the reunion