What type of financial assistance is available to students attending PFPS?

Assistance is available for students attending Pope Francis Preparatory School through the school’s financial assistance fund as well as through the Diocese of Springfield. Families must demonstrate need by applying through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  In order to receive assistance from the Diocese of Springfield, families must demonstrate need and be active members of a Catholic parish within the Diocese of Springfield.

Where does the funding for Pope Francis Preparatory School financial assistance program come from?

The financial assistance program is funded through donations of alumni, benefactors, friends and fundraising events.

What was the total amount of financial assistance awarded to students this year?

Students received approximately $550,000 in need-based financial assistance for the 2017-18 academic year.  The Diocese of Springfield also awarded approximately $110,000 to students who are active members of a Catholic parish within the Diocese of Springfield.

What criteria is used in determining financial assistance?

The FACTS Grant Aid and Assessment Company takes into consideration income, assets, expenses, family size and unusual circumstances when determining the family contribution and the amount of assistance needed.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

You may apply online There is a $30.00 application fee charged by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  All applications will be considered complete when FACTS has received your supporting tax documentation. Financial aid must be applied for yearly. All financial aid information is held in the strictest confidence by the Financial Aid Committee.

Is there a deadline when applying for financial assistance?

We encourage families to apply by March 15, as funding is limited.  Applications received after March 15th will be processed on an individual basis. Awards granted after the March 15th deadline may be reduced according to the availability of funds.

How long will it be before I hear from the school after applying for financial assistance?

If you have applied by March 15th, you will receive a notification letter in May.

What if my taxes are not done in time to apply by the March 15th deadline?

If your taxes are not done in time for the March 15th deadline, you may apply using the information from your previous year’s tax filing.  You must follow-up with your current W-2’s and tax returns for your application to be considered complete. Please note:  If you choose the “I do not file” field, you will be required to submit documentation of income.

What if my financial situation has changed from the time I filed my taxes to the present?

If your financial situation has changed from the time you applied please contact Sandra Parsons in the Tuition/Financial Aid Office at 413-331-2480 ext. 1130 to explain your current situation and to substantiate any changes that may help you to qualify for assistance.

If I qualify for assistance through the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Company, will I receive the full amount I qualify for?

The school will assist all families who are in need and qualify for financial assistance.  Since funding is limited to the monies raised, we spread our aid dollars to as many families as possible.  We will do our best to make Pope Francis Preparatory School affordable.

If I have more than one child attending Catholic schools within the Diocese of Springfield, must I apply to each school for assistance?

No, one FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment application per family is required to apply for assistance from both the Diocese and Pope Francis Preparatory School. All siblings in Catholic schools should be listed on the one application.

I am not sure I would qualify for financial assistance is there any way you could tell me if you think I would qualify before I fill out the online application?

We do not discourage anyone from applying for financial assistance.  Everyone’s financial situation is different.  From the income levels, to the number of people in a family, to the household expenses, these all determine qualifications for financial assistance.  For a conversation regarding your situation, please call Sandra Parsons in the Tuition/Financial Aid Office at 413-331-2480 ext. 1130.

Is there anyone at the school that can help me with the financial assistance application?

Sandra Parsons, in the Tuition/Financial Aid Office, is available to assist families complete the online process.  Please contact Sandra Parsons at 413-331-2480 ext. 1130.