Pope Francis offers a number of different clubs and activities in which students may be involved. Students interested in joining a club should contact the club advisor.


Anime Club is a group of students who appreciate various types of modern media such as: anime, science fiction, fantasy, and manga.  It is a time for them to share their particular interests.  The club meets twice a month, on the first and third Mondays, after school in the library.

Adviser: Miss  Niemiec

Art Club

Chess Club

Circus Club

Circus Club meets every Friday. We start with an aerobic warm up and split into groups to focus on balance, prop manipulation, flexibility, and clowning. Some of the skills we practice include stilt walking, unicycling, juggling, partner acrobatics, and contortion.  We foster a collaborative environment in which students instruct other students and maintain a culture of safety. Members are invited to work together to create short acts for various performances.

Creative Film Club

As our name suggests, we are a group of students working together to create original short films. Like a mini film production, the Creative Film Club consists of different elements: screenwriting, story boarding, directing, acting, and editing.

We welcome everyone to join us as we unlock our creativity, harness everyone’s ideas and talents, collaborate with each other during the exciting filming process, and represent Pope Francis  Prep School by submitting our films to online film competitions and film festivals!


Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Club offers students a chance to share their work, receive and provide feedback on occasions, and unleash their creative genius in the community of fellow young writers. Meetings involve writing prompts, sharing of favorite publications and original student work, the occasional edible treats, and great conversation. Members of the creative writing club will also be working toward publication of a literature magazine that publishes a collection of original work by Pope Francis students.


Debate Club

Drama Club

French Club

French Club meets the first Thursday of each month and hosts an out-of-school event every month.  Some of our regular activities include crêpe dinners, movie nights, and a Mardi Gras party. You do not have to be a French student to participate. If you enjoy food and good company, this is a club for you!

Future Leaders of America

Green Team

International Club

Key Club

The Key Club is an international, student – led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service to the community; build character and develop leadership.  Sponsored by the Greater Holyoke Kiwanis Club, the Pope Francis Key Club also seeks to provide its members with vocational guidance and personal enrichment.  The Key Club’s motto “Caring – Our Way of Life” exemplifies its mission to serve the Pope Francis School Community as well as the local community.

The Key Club welcomes students from all four grade levels and looks to each student for their input and opinions concerning club projects and events.  The club usually meets every two weeks at schools’ end.  Meetings are announced after daily prayer and sometimes through text message.

Adviser: Mr. Bresnahan


Mathletes is a competitive mathematics team of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen from about 20 surrounding high schools! There are 5 Western Mass Mathematics League sponsored competitions, once a month, in October through February. If you were a member of Mathletes in the past, please sign up to represent Pope Francis Prep School! Bring your classmates to join in the fun! Competitions are fun-filled and competitive, with snacks provided!


Model Senate

Model U.N.

Just as the United Nations is a collaboration of a majority of the world’s countries who strive to tackle and resolve world issues, the Model UN club also strives to collaborate to tackle and resolve issues. As a club, once we register for a conference we are given a country to represent. We are also given one or more global issues to research in the context of our country and its relationship with the rest of the world.  There is a lot of research and work put into this preparation, and the teamwork, debate, and problem solving skills required are beneficial in their classes, their communities,  and the world.

At Model UN conferences, students and there peers from all over the region and the world come up with resolutions through the lens of the country they worked so hard to prepare for.

Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club is designed to give students the opportunity to explore God’s beautiful nature. The club is open to all students interested in a variety of adventures, including: rock climbing, hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, snow sports, etc.

Advisers: Mr. Salloum and Ms. Haluch


Programming Club

Quiz Team


Science Club

Sewing Club

Spanish Club

Special Olympics Support (SOS)

Speech Club

Student Advisory Board