We believe that students should be valued for who they are, not by how they look or what they wear. It is required that students come to school/attend activities representing the school in a uniform at all times with the exception of scheduled non-uniform days or when special permission is granted by administration. All clothing must be clean, in good repair, and must fit properly (not tight). Hair styles must be moderate in color and style (no unnatural hair color, i.e. purple, orange, green, fire engine red, etc.) and not take away from the learning environment. Boys hair must not go past their collar and facial hair must be neat and groomed. No facial piercings (with the exception of small nose studs), visible tattoos, tongue rings, gauges, chains or excessive jewelry may be worn during school. Please note that the uniform applies throughout the school day, from arrival through departure and throughout lunch period. Hats are not allowed to be worn in school at any time.

Students are encouraged to make as many choices as they wish from the Don­nelly’s and/or Blakes uniform list. Students do not have to purchase every style and/or color. For example, blazers, sweaters, vests and sweatshirts are optional. If students are not in correct uniform, a detention will be issued.

Clothing should be purchased through Donnelly’s School Apparel and/or Blakes School Uniform Company, with the exception of boys’ and girls’ pants. Boys’ and girls’ pants should be black or khaki color dress style pants. cargo, denim, corduroy, yoga and stretch pants are not acceptable.

Boys Uniforms

Khaki dress pants
Black dress pants
Donnelly’s/Blakes or Dress Style
*No cargo, denim, corduroy, or sweatpants

Summer option only (announced by administration)
Khaki color dress shorts
Black dress shorts

Pope Francis Polo
Long sleeve or short sleeve
Senior ’17 Option – Dark Royal

Sweatshirt/Pope Francis Only
*(Pope Francis Polo must be worn underneath sweatshirt)

Girls Uniforms

Front twill khaki or black (high-waisted)
Mid-rise khaki or black
Blakes/Donnelly’s or Dress Style
*No cargo, denim, or corduroy

Skirts – Must be knee length
Grey/box pleat/Grey kilt
Netted stockings and sweatpants are not acceptable to be worn under the skirt.
Leggings, stockings and yoga pants are allowed to be worn under the skirt.

Pope Francis Polo
Long sleeve or short sleeve
Senior ’17 Option – Dark Royal

Sweatshirt/Pope Francis Only
*(Pope Fancis Polo must be worn underneath sweatshirt.)


Please Note:

  • T-shirts and camisoles must be solid color/no writing if they are worn under a shirt, blouse or polo
  • Slippers are never acceptable
  • Hats are never to be worn in the school building or at lunch

Summer Dress Code

Summer dress code includes capris and knee length shorts. Sandals must have back-straps for safety reasons. Homemade back straps are not acceptable. Sandals may never be worn in the lab for safety reasons.

Spirit Day (Friday)

Every Friday is Spirit Day. On this day, students recognize the clubs and teams in which they participate by wearing the shirt from their sport or club. All shirts and/or sweatshirts must be approved by administration.

Game Day

Athletes are allowed to wear their team game jersey when they have a game on a weekday. Practice t-shirts are not acceptable. All sports attire must be in school colors. Uniforms that are sleeveless must have a white t-shirt work underneath, or shirt purchased as part of the uniform or other attire approved by the athletic director.

Dress Down Option

Dress down days are a privilege. When students participate in dress down days, dress and grooming must be neat and clean. The student’s dress and appearance must not distract from the educational process. The dress down code allows ONLY the following:

  • Pants must be loose-fitting, with no holes of any kind. They may be any color (except white). Jeans/denim is acceptable. Low-rise, cargo, spandex or leather is not allowed. Pants must be loose enough to allow free movement, but not so loose that they appear to be falling off.
  • Blouses/shirts may be solid, printed and collarless. Tee shirts in good repair are acceptable. Any clothing that displays printed material or graphics that from any perspective could be construed as promoting illegal behavior, or violence, or is in any way demeaning or defamatory or harassing, is considered inappropriate.
  • Alternate sweatshirts are allowed provided they do NOT display or promote any illegal behaviors, violence, demeaning, defamatory or harassing language or ideas.
  • Hats are not allowed to be work in the school at any time.