Summer math assignments have been created for each math course a student is scheduled to
take in September. Having completed their course selections, students can identify a MathXL
code (see below) to enroll in his/her course(s).

All students new to Pope Francis High School must stop by the school to purchase MathXLforSchool or MyMathLabforSchool. Currently, we have MathXLforSchool available for purchase (at a reduced price of $22). This is required to complete online summer assignments as well as assignments throughout the school year.

Current PFHS students all have a current MathXLforSchool account with access available
through August. Upon expiration of their current one-year code, students must purchase a
new access code.

Course ID numbers for each math course

Algebra 1 & Honors Algebra 1 Summer Work – 2017XL06-P1I8-201Z-1WL3

Algebra 2 Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1I9-201Z-3WM3

AP Statistics Summer Work 2017 –  XL06-P1IG-1020-9O33

Calculus (AP & Honors) Summer 2017 – XL06-P13L-3021-1H63

Geometry & Honors Geometry Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1IA-201Z-2WK3

Integrated Math 1 Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1IB-4020-4GL3

Precalculus & Honors Precalculus Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1IC-7021-6983

Statistics Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1ID-9020-1Q63

Trigonometry Summer Work 2017 – XL06-P1IE-6022-73H3

Financial Math – mars42118

New students will receive login instructions with their purchase of MathXLforSchool.

Returning students will login, select from the drop down menu beneath their name “enroll in a course” and enter their new course code (see above).